Wednesday Sale Day At Knockaloe - 1.30pm


Annual Ram Sale

Wednesday September 18th

 6 BFL shearlings - V Sloane Masson

Texels - Sarah Kewley,

Texel & Suffoks  - P Quayle,

Texel & Charollais - Orrisdale Farms

Sufffolk & Blue Texel - Eliza Faragher

Beltex sh & ram lamb - A Rothwell

6 Charollais rams- G Moore

Texel ram lamb- M Clague

6 BlackFace Sh. rams - A Clague 

4 Charollais ram lambs 2Sh. Charollais &

Suffolk Sh ram- P Christian

3Sh. Loaghtan ram - O Teare

4 Texel Sh. rams  A Kermeen

4 Sh. Charollais & 2 Teaser rams-A Sayle

2 Border Leicester rams - Glenlough Farm  

Romney Stock ram- A&S Jones

Cheviot Sh. ram - C Cannell

50 Store lambs -C Dewhirst,

50 Breeding ewes - A McCracken

20 Border Leicester X Texel store lambs

  Mr GlynnRiley


Wednesday September 25th 

Annual Ewe lamb and breeding ewe sale

50 Ex.Mule ewe lambs R Christian,

150 Strong Mule ewe lambs A Clague,

      100 Mule/Easy-care & BF lambs -

   C Dewhirst,

40 Store lambs - S Chadwick

  25 Texel X Sh.ewes -  T Sayle 

      30 Strong, Well bred Mule Sh.ewes-

G Comish,

 35 Scotch halfbred Ewe lambs- R Quayle,

6 SuffolkX ewes -  E Faragher

30 TexelX ewes & 3 Beltex Rams -

G McCracken

Auctioneer: 01624 822372/ 07624 454926



Selection of Holstein bulling heifers

Breed for strength and longevity.

Will be ready to bull end of December


Browns Accumulator/Bale handling Equipment 

Loaghtan Ewes with Lambs at foot

Hereford Cows with calves at foot

2 Year old AA Bull -ready for work

10 South Devon &SDX Bulling Heifers

3 Yr old BB Bull -Proven, calves on the Ground

4 Yr. Old Well Bred Shorthorn Bull

4 Sheep /Lamb Adopter

AA Bull 2yr Old , Excellent  blood lines

Excellent 2yr old Charolais - Limousin & BB Bulls 

MF 3 Mtr Corn Drill- (needs a little attention)

Hydraulic Lift

4 In One -  7' bucket for digger - Quick release


2 Row Turnip Precision Drill

Land wanted for grazing