Sale Reports:

Good prices at Ballaglonney on August 15th for Ewes & Rams

A great bunch of Mule shearlings sold from £130 -£152 .

Fit grass fed Texel Rams sold from £380- £780

with top price NZ Suffolk £850 -

Good type Texel &SuffolkX shearlings £120 -£138

Total clearance - more sheep & rams to follow at the next Ram & Ewe Sale 20th September at Knockaloe

Mart Knockaloe Wed 16th August

SuffolkX sh ewes G Comish £100 -£118

BF & Easycare Sh.Ewes C Dewhirst £100 -£125

2 Abberfield Rams @£300-M Kneale

Texel Rams  from Orrisdale £250 - £400

Strong store cattle top £1040 at Mart

Cows and Calves in demand at Knockaloe -23 Aug Her&AA X cows with calves at foot sold from £910 - £1340 from V Garrett

A great bunch of Lim&ChX Cattle from E&F Clague sold from £620 - £1020 -

Top price of £1020 for 515kg Lim Bullocks

All stock sold with customers looking for finishing cattle.

6th September Mart @ knockaloe

60 Texel sh Ewes for TG Sayle from £110 -£124 with TexelX Ewe lambs form K Quayle @ £50 &

BF wethers @£38 from S Chadwick

Looking forward to Ram,Ewe Lamb and sheep Sale Wednesday 20th September 









 Photograph by kind permission of DEFA