Sale Reports

Just a summary of the Autumn Sales - Suckled calves

There have been some busy afternoons which started mid October with the last sale in early December.

The quality of calves brought to the Mart has been very good with some very good prices, and odd ones a bit disappointing. The uncertainty of the Meat Plant didn't help. The high costs of keeping stock over the winter and unknown returns on Island or off- is at best an estimated guess.

The Islands farmers need direction and encouragement with decent returns for breeders and feeders, then there will be sufficient good stock at the right time and a fair price.

DEFA members, have made some brave commitments to turn the farming industry around. We sincerely hope the proposals work and is sustainable

Its passed time - before its too late

A great crowd at the Christmas Mart Poultry Sale on Saturday 23rd December. The Mart was amazingly decorated -mainly thanks to Gordon Clague - with one of the real Father Christmases and the excellent Crosby Silver Band, it was indeed a joyous occasion. 

A Charity turkey with extras was kindly given by Kenny Sloane and family, which was auctioned several times raised £580 plus a bucket collection of £187 realised a total of £900 to be given to the cancer charity - IOM Breast Care Thanks to all who donated.

After several carols and some refreshments over 50 turkeys sold from £25 - £75 with geese selling from £50-£72. There were also chickens and ducks sold with a good selection of Manx vegetaables from Sheila Gawne

Best Wishes from all the Mart Staff to customers old and new - A Merry Christmas and A Happy Healthy New Year - 2018





 Photograph by kind permission of DEFA