Sale Reports

A good crowd at the Knockaloe Mart on

Wednesday 18th October

LimX Bullocks 388kg sold @£690 with LixX heifers 425kg selling @ £710 -  Cows with calves @ foot selling £810 -£910 from H Kelly

Other cattle included Roy Gellings dispersal sale of pure Shorthorns - a 602kg Bullock sold @£950 with two strong Cows,calves at foot £975 & £1100

James Martin topped the market with excellent Limousin bullocks 725kg selling @ £1200

Other cows & with smaller calves @ foot sold £750 -£800 with Incalf cows selling @ £810

20 Scotch draft ewes sold @ £34 with mixed flock age ewes selling @£48 ,NZ X Easycare ewe lambs from C Dewhirst selling @£48




Annual Ram & Ewe &Ewe lamb sale at Knockaloe 20th September with a full mart of people and all the pens full of stock.

65 Rams sold & 560 Sheep and ewe lambs

Sarah Kewley had a great pen of Rams and she got the sale of to a good start with Texel Rams selling from £380 - £470

Orrisdale Farms had some strong CharollaisX Texel Rams which sold from £320 -£420 with Texels- @ £300

P Quaylehad Shearling Suffolk and Texel Rams @ £300

G Comish sold Strong Suffolk Lambs @ £300  

P Christian Charollais Sh. Ram - £300

Alison Kermeen sold 6 Sh Rams from £200 -£325  

Top price of the day went to Vicky Sloane-Masson, sold 5 Blueface Leicesters from £400 - £510  

Blackface Ram Lambs - A Clague sold from £150- £200

As usual there was great interest in the mule ewe lambs with Ballaharry ewe lambs selling from £98- £116

A good bunch from Alan Clague sold from £65 -£90

Masham ewe lambs from S Chadwick sold @ £65

Andrew Clague sold Cheviot XSh ewes @ £90 

C Dewhirst sold Easycare ewe lambs @ £66 

Mrs J Burns sold Blackface shearling ewes @ £110

Store lambs from M Kelly sold from £35 -£42  

Various lots of other shearling Ewes  sold from £85 -£98 for Texels,Lleyn& Mules  










 Photograph by kind permission of DEFA