Central Marts Customers


As from 25th May 2018 there is new EU Legislation that effects the Isle of Man and that is the General Data Protection Regulation.


This effects Central Marts as a business.  As we do not have any policy procedures in place therefore I want to check that everyone is happy that I as secretary or any future secretary hold your addresses and telephone numbers.


If anyone objects please let me know and I will delete your details from the data base.



Central Marts (2008) Limited

Registered Office - The Mart, Knockaloe Rd, Patrick, Peel, IM5 3AJ


Contact Landline 822372 / Contact Mobile 454926

Email - centralmarts@manx.net


Auctioneer  - Peter Quayle 


Roger Chadwick - Contact Mobile 498933

Murray Cringle

Gordon Claugue